Lord of the Breakthrough


Resistance can be a good thing. As someone who has spent decades as both an athlete and a fitness friend I have to come to appreciate the essence of what a proper workout can do to both the body and the psyche. Though I’ve never really liked the use of heavy weights or taxing equipment Per Se, I do respect that with enough resistance given in the workout mix there can recognized growth and improvement to the body if given enough time and effort. At the New Year’s onset many people pledge to get fit and change their lifestyle for better health, yet the moment heavy temptations come to challenge eating and exercise many fall by the wayside. What we fail to understand is that with every potential change we decide to make there will be obstacles and trials to encounter. To go to new levels you will face new devils. Don’t be dismayed because it’s part of the maturation process to make you better. Strength comes when we face resistance and begin making forward progress, but breakthrough comes as we use our faith muscles to shatter the opposition. Jesus is your Lord of the Breakthrough for this New Year and any other one. Face your resistance and know that this too will fall as you keep building your muscles of faith through Christ.

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