Rain Rain

As I sit here this morning by the computer I’m instantly aware that we are getting rain because of the noise of a morning monsoon falling on the roof above my head. I’m quickly reminded of some movies in Rain Forest settings where the rains are so strong and powerful that it takes only minutes for flooding to happen and life to get threatened quickly. Of course these seasonal rains bring much in the way of danger but beyond that they bring hope to the grasslands and reservoirs of its eco-system. You see without the excessiveness of the monsoon rains there would not be enough water available for many places to inhabit long. As believers we need seasons of monsoons in our lives as well. In fact scripture says that during times of rain (refreshing) we are to pray for rain. Sounds odd and contradictory but the reality is we don’t know when the drought will come to our lives so we must get it when we can so that our sustaining power can be assured. Although the rains may seem to be overdone and excessive at times and may cause problems, they are vital to our life. Rather than saying “Rain, Rain go away”, why not say Lord fill me to overflow and let your glory fall. God will give you the mon- soon. That’s Jamaican for the Man soon-Jesus. Let him surround you with that refreshing and like a cold beverage simply enjoy! 


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