We are a western culture who always craves more. In fact, we want everything from food buffets to natural resources to social media and more to pleasure us and make our lives more complete. It’s no wonder why much of the modern world has begun to despise our glut for things as it creates a sense of wastefulness and poor stewardship. While there is merit with having our needs met, we should desire more of the rights things that matter for the rights reasons. Because our lives are being fulfilled through tangible and material means there has developed a void for God. We have filled the spiritual thirst for more with temporary hydration that will never quench the God in us. What we need MORE of is the Holy Spirit. He alone can satiate our lives with a presence and power unlike anything else. Religion has grown to include all kinds of traditions, formalities and activities in order to meet the spiritual appetites of society but their well meaning intentions always fall short and leave us wanting more again. When will we realize that the only way to have our cup satisfied with real wine is to come to the vineyard of the God’s outpouring? Jesus said that those who hunger and thirst for His righteousness shall be filled and will not thirst any longer. It’s time to be refreshed and filled with something more than church or choice. There is a fountain flowing for those who will bring their cups to receive. The social kegs of society may taste good for a season but they will never satisfy the spirit in you that is crying out for your thirsty soul. Desire more, but desire more of God. There really is more to God than Church.


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