The Choice is Yours

Ladies & Gents, the lines have & are being drawn in America and though many would now like to have “50 Shades of Grey” to live by there is really only a Black & White choice when it comes to God. The stance Chick-Fil-A is taking on upholding Biblical marriage is not surprisingly being attacked by liberals who have little regard for Christianity, it is in fact expected. Read what Joshua spoke to his nation upon their decision to make a choice for God. It was his decision that as far as he was concerned He and his house would serve the Lord. The problem is trying to mix a liberal mindest with a Holy God. Just like oil & water never mix well together neither does sin with righteous living.  Sure society may make acceptance of  lifestyle choices and call them freedom and civil rights, but God is the same today &  forever and his word never does change. Pray & Decide which side you want to be on and then act on it but know that you will be liable one day.

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