Tragedies come in all aspects

September 9, 2011, or 9-1-1 was obviously one of our worst in recent years as we remember the vivid scenes of anguish and suffering played out before our eyes on live TV. Now eleven years removed we still feel the hurt and pain that America experienced during those dreadful days following the assault. But like every American spirit forged in the crucible of resolve and trial, we looked to God first and then to our national leaders to respond to the prayers of “One Nation Under God”. Ladies & gentlemen, on this day to remember our fallen let us also remember that what makes a nation great is not its military or its economic might, but rather the greatness of it’s God. With less than two months before elections we need that unity to begin prayer and ask for God to show himself in our land yet again. It’s not amiable religions we need to accept, but rather a real God who loves America so much that he still sheds his grace on us from sea to shining sea. Today let a call ring out from our hearts to spare us another tragedy of great proportions; that one of a cold and indifferent heart toward our maker. May we pray with the same fervor and effectiveness that impassioned us when we saw great Two Towers fall before our eyes knowing that precious lives were weighed in the balance. Let us resolve to keep God in America by electing not a party or a person, but by trumpeting a sound for revival and repentance before the very one who has blessed us beyond all nations of the world. Let us stand for truth and not fall prey to a liberal media or secular humanistic agendas. Let us call for justice and assail those who would judge by their own prejudices of self serving and political gain. Yes, it’s time to rally against an unseen enemy. One that continues to weave his way into the moral fabric of our society and causing us to become enamored with popularity and political protocol that would silence the voice of Godly truth because its mention would be offensive to this self same enemy who has deceived our minority caucus as to affect the majority of our indiscretion. We still have a great voice; one that can be prayed on for our nation and one that cannot be preyed upon by the enemies of other nations. It’s time to declare this America is still a righteous Nation where the Bible is still the supreme influence for our Constitution and Independence no matter what party is in power. Yes, this is a day to remember and reflect but it let your looking glass be one to not look back and what has happened but rather one to look forward to what will happen if we fail to act. Saints, the effectual and fervent prayers of the people of God avails much more than we could think or imagine, so pray without ceasing.

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