As I sit on my front and back porches this time of year I love to watch the sights and sounds of the bird population as they flutter around in search of their daily resources. I can’t help but recall that that Jesus used these beautiful creatures to drive home a point about not getting all flustered simply because we need daily provisions. I have to admit that sometimes the human part of me gets concerned but as I have also been a by-product of having lost provision yet seeing fist hand how God utilizes this as a opportunity to show his grace, I’ve come to believe that surely All Things Are Possible. It’s not that we should be unconcerned or unmotivated to pursue our daily bread but as we understand that God provides for the birds daily without their stress and anxiety keeping them grounded we should likewise take to flight that our our Lord will supply according to riches He has created in Christ. Our burden is lightened and our blessings are realized when we trust that he is our source. If you find that your daily bread has become a day by day supply don’t fret because if the birds can trust him for tomorrow’s supply then how much more important are to have the same kind of faith. Be encouraged God is able to make his grace abound to you to always have all sufficiency for every good work. Through faith and patience we will inherit his blessings!

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