What Makes God Vomit

Recently the Ebola scare in the news has a lot of people worrying about crazy stuff and sure we do have concerns for these pandemic type opportunities, but in reality they will blow over and things will normalize. However most people will continue on in their lifestyle still doing the same stuff while assuming they are good with God. Yet, unless you live your life of Faith with power, passion and praise there’s a good chance your lukewarm Christianity is making God sick to his stomach. Although no one says much about it these days for fear of “sounding old fashioned and being non relevant”, the truth remains in scripture that God is sickened by mediocre or lukewarm Christian living and will vomit it out from his mouth at some point. Yeah it sounds gross for sure, but so is blatant and unmitigated sin against the creator who gave his only Son to bring hope and help to the world. I guess if my son died for the corruptible living of the whole world and was willing to offer His pardon and paradise in exchange for a simple prayer of belief I think maybe I would get sick to my stomach as well. Stop the pandemic of sin becoming viral in the earth and choose to live free from the influence of carnal Christianity today. Be bold and be be different!

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