Live Forward in Faith

How many of us have had something in our past that hangs on like fine lint with the teeth of Velcro. It seems that no matter how often we keep picking it off of us, it still seems to always be there. As believers we tend to carry our past much like the lint, and are always being reminded of those past life things that seem to cling to us even though in Christ we have been freed from the Velcro effect of sin. We end up living a disadvantaged life handicapped by those things we failed in, rather than using them as stepping stones to advance ourselves into a higher level of faith. You were meant to excel and prosper beyond your ability in God everyday. Just like a car, we have a rear-view mirror and a front windshield to help us navigate our car to the next destination we’re traveling to. The small rear-view mirror was never meant to slow you down but simply make you aware of the things that are still behind you so you can change your course if necessary. Remember the biggest and clearest path in front of you is the windshield you are supposed to drive looking straight ahead through. This window glass is clear and wide open to make sure you stay in your lane and drive with confidence. Today thank God for the fact that as long as you keeping moving forward in faith with him, you are leaving the past far behind you and never have to look back as long as you keep steering in the right direction. Live looking ahead and thank him he has forgiven your past.

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