Come up for Air

If you have ever been swimming or snorkeling chances are you probably went under the water holding your breath only to find that you needed to come up after a short period of time for more air to get to your lungs. Even with a scuba tank you eventually run out and have to refill the tank. One of the most scariest feelings is the sense that you are almost out of air and you have to come up our of the water to breathe. Just like whales and other blow hole mammals in the sea, you were not intended to live life without a time for taking a breath. Maybe your circumstances have you gasping for air and you fill like at any moment you might suffocate if you don’t get air. Good news. God is reaching down his hand to pull you up so you can come up for air. Don’t stay submerged in waters over your head when there is a respite awaiting you. He want allow you to drown, but if fail to reach up then you live life below where you need to be. Know that God can fill your lungs with the breath you need to in order to keep going on. Just stop and come up for air. He’s there for you. No need to panic or drown when you can be refreshed. He loves you and is holding out hope. Reach up and get His help my friend!

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