What’s Your Passion?

We are in the season of Easter and it’s time again for churches world wide to prepare for one of it’s busiest and most focused times to represent the Passion of The Christ. Additionally, March is upon us and Spring is slowly creeping in to bring us a needed change of climate and color to make our lives more enjoyable. Even through the cold and dormant Winter months, there has been a preparation and a passion by nature to get ready for a time of newness in the Earth. Jesus certainly had his game face on when he stepped into history to make his entrance known to the world. The season of his life was lived with a purpose and passion to complete the work that God had for him to do in order to save mankind from sin. Since that day He has been the most refuted and renown icon in religious circles around the globe and even after over 2000 years, He is still the focal point of our hope for redemption. So many today have interests that range from hobbies to professions that require lots of time and energy in order to achieve the end goals. God through Christ achieved his results unselfishly so you and I could know a greater way of living life now and forever. I wonder if you are chasing things with a passion for yourself or for God. It’s okay to pursue your dreams and visions, just don’t forget who it is that gave you those in the first place. Take time this season to reflect and respond to the invitation that God has offered you through the work of His only son- Jesus the Christ. Go with passion in life, but go with a passion for God first and foremost today!

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