Join us for spiritual messages, music & fellowship.

Our Sunday morning services are not canned, professional package clones or watered down motivational messages. We believe in making Jesus welcomed and expressing to Him praise and pursuing His words of truth. We’re far from old fashioned in our approach yet contemporary enough in our church pursuits to be real and purposed. Been in a dry and barren place? Find an oasis at RC where His presence is always first place. See you soon!


Make it Loud

Mark 2:1 states that it was “noised abroad that Jesus was in the house.” Wow! When God is in the place where He is FREE to be Himself great things happen. At Revolution Church we’ve made room for Him to be Free to be whatever you need him to be whenever you need Him to be that for you. Come & discover the real Jesus with us and see why His Spirit makes the difference in the lives of others.

Our Christian world as we know it is changing very rapidly as both the believer and the church face opportunities like never before. While it’s a time be concerned, it is also a time to take action and step into the faith that Christ came to reveal and release. The Bible declares that the Kingdom suffers violence but the the violent take it by force. I’m not talking guns and swords, but rather prayers and activation. It’s time the Body of Christ quit talking about Christianity and start being the Church that has been given the power and presence of God to take back what the enemy has stolen from us. We are looking for those bold enough to start a Revolution in their heart and move forward in the faith. Join us for an awesome time of worship and word each week and discover how to really fight the good fight of faith and overcome!

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