The Vision of Revolution Church was to birth a ministry that would strive for outreach to and minister to its local communities in Southeastern Greenville County as well as influencing neighborhoods through worldwide missions.


Our Mission will be very clear, yet profoundly simple. We will obey the Great Commandment by totally loving God, fulfill the Great Commitment through caring for neighbors, and achieve the Great Commission by making disciples in the places we go.

We will be a church of significant influence in our local communities, neighborhoods, and in other nations. How? Through relational outreach & evangelism, relevant teaching, passionate praise & worship, and outward focused small groups & spirited gatherings.


Our Focus will be to strategically connect (Gather) the unchurched with positive messages, restore hope (Disciple) in those who have lost their way and send out (Evangelize) to impact their world for Christ.

Reaching- The lost, hurting & brokenhearted of society.

Teaching- Obedience to the word and commitment to discipleship.

Encouraging- Others to live a life of faith in sharing the gospel.


·    Vision Statement: “Turning Our World To Jesus”

by being Relevant, Relating and Regenerating.

·    Emphasis on Equipping Saints for the works of Christ by encouraging ministry outside church walls of church.

·    Will stress commitment to God, the church, communities and other believers for the advancement of the gospel.

·    Inter-racial and interdenominational appeal to welcome people of all backgrounds. Worship service atmosphere will be casual, passionate and expressive to reflect commitment to excellence.

·    We will establish dynamic and effective youth and children’s programs to support family values. As our future leaders, we will endeavor to spend resources to prepare our youth culture to overcome and have spiritual dominion in their lives.

·    Music will be characterized by contemporary praise and worship using in-house and established songs and hymns, dance, and spontaneous spiritual songs of worship.

·     Will be governed by Executive Pastoral leadership as holding ministry accountability to counsel boards as Elders (Spiritual) and Trustees (Financial).

·    Our outreach and evangelism thrust will concentrate on relational evangelism along community outreach events for spiritual conversions. We will have a strong approach for both domestic and international missions in networking and pioneering.

·    We will characterize our ministry influence by strategically birthing other vital community ministries, church plants, and groups to release those equipped to fulfill their ministry calling.