R – Relationships. We believe that relationships are the key to accelerating the gospel, building communities, and advancing the Kingdom in people’s lives. We will place emphasis on discovering and promoting relationships among the members and their communities.


E – Excellence. Romans 16:19 tells us to be excellent at what is good and innocent of evil. We believe it is our mandate to do all we do for Christ with an excellent spirit and give our very best to advance the gospel.


V – Vision. We believe God has called us to reach people from the neighborhoods to the nations and it is our heart to be an outward focused ministry that cares about the lost souls of the world.


O – Outreach. It is the desire of this ministry to operate and function within the opportunities that are afforded us through our local and international community events.


L – Loving. We believe that love is the key to growing a vibrant and lasting ministry. We will strive to demonstrate God’s love in every way possible as both a people and a church.


U – Unity. We believe in uniting in with other Churches and Para church ministries to join them in mission ventures and in helping with causes to build our local communities together.


T– Treasure. We believe in accepting people as special treasures just like God made them. Because we are a multi-cultural and ethnic body, we think having diversity is just how church should be represented today.


I – Integrity. It is the desire of this ministry to operate and function with the utmost of integrity in its business dealings and its ministry posture. We are committed to fulfilling the vision of our church with integrity and accountability.


O – Opportunity. We believe in taking the opportunities of our faith and following after God. We will endeavor to teach, disciple and encourage our members to be strong in their commitment to faith, family and friendships.


N – Networking. We believe that more things can happen by developing networks within ministries so that we can advance the gospel than through partnership which are vital to winning the world.